Mapping features in 3D/2D to print nice without CAD.

An aide memoir. Maybe be re-written in time.

Got data in Photoscan? Want to map them in a way that looks beautiful printed in 2D? Want that same data in to live in 3D? Not got CAD?

It can be done with QGIS with a little help from CloudCompare.

Orthoimages and Dems on vertical planes (defined by 3 points) can be digitized in Photoscan or QGIS, and the shape files transformed through cloud compare to end up in QGIS or Photoscan as need.

Which is best depends on preference. I (currently) like QGIS’ symbol flexibility while working. Easier to keep track of entities.

You will need 3 points for your plane, 0,0 , x,0 and 0,y.  You can set these and should be on a right angle.

(more later).

Transform in CloudCompare is simple with point-picking translation command between the drawing pins and the full coordinates.

Use console to copy the transform and apply to shapefile lines as needed.



NOTE: when going from QGIS -> photoscan (a.k.a metashape), a prj file is needed – simply export a random shape from photoscan and rename the .prj file to the one you’re importing.

When going from photoscan -> QGIS, probably need to save as 2D shapefile, but haven’t tried this.