image : view through a lens

field prep

When preparing for field work, I can whole heartedly recommend not doing this to your macro lens…


some time, quite some time later…


cleaned, re-greased and reassembled.

General notes.
Nikon 105mm macros lens from ~ 1983.
cleaned with 50:50 ethanol water
greased with TF2 lithium bike grease

take notes and photos
don’t loose screws
be gentle

More detailed. Sketches to come later.
remove back plate (note spring when replacing)
remove rubber grip
note position of the 3 little screws that are in narrow slots. remove
set f-stop to 2.8 and un-hook/tilt f-stop ring (lift one side – only one will lift)
twist lens round and round and round till it unscrews – try and note the relative positions off all segments at this point.
twist the nose part till this comes out of the big spirally by that was under the grip.
clean lens elements and blower liberrally.
clean spirally bit (helicoid) with different cloth.
paint on grease with artists paint brush
screw the nose back in (starting from the same position as it was just before it came apart)
screw nose into spiral till thread is invisible but before the square bump goes out of view
pier through the back lens to align the metal guide rails (you’ll see them in the back section) line up with hold areas in front.
make sure f-ring is tilted again
twist central spiral section so that it screws into the back, and the nose moves without turning.
slot f-stop ring down and check it moves the aperture
screw it all down to most compact state
put the 3 small screws back where they were and double check your focus
replaces all other bits.

to clean between other lens elements, such as front you need 2 flat head precision screwdrivers and a cross handle (or vice). Well worth it if they are looking foggy.