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Changing Lightroom Publish path

The Lightroom publish services can be great for generating jpg copies of files in structured folders from a less approachable core archive. But moving between computers, hard drives or even just drive letters and it all falls down as the path cannot be easily changed.

Enter some SQL tinkering. Use of is pretty handy.
Provides a brief mention of how this can be achieved in Lightroom 3.4 – edit the AgLibraryPublishCollection and change the remoteCollectionId path to what you need.

Warning ! tinkering inside the LR catalogue is risky, use a copy and tread carefully.

Example SQL code to use:

update AgLibraryPublishedCollection
remoteCollectionId = replace (remoteCollectionId,’oldPath’,’newPath’)
where remoteCollectionId like ‘%oldPath%’

But if this doesn’t work, then create a new empty publishing service with the new target location, and edit the genealogy and parent columns of the AgLibraryPublishCollection to replace the original publish service id with the that of the new one. This will migrate the smart collections and folders into the new publishing service and should work. Example SQL code to use:

update AgLibraryPublishedCollection
genealogy = replace(genealogy, ‘/79269757’, ‘/79979000’)
where genealogy like ‘/79269757%’


update AgLibraryPublishedCollection
parent = replace(parent, ‘9269757’, ‘9979000’)
where parent like ‘9269757’